LIU YU

Escape Route


The two apocalyptic prophecies following human and natural catastrophes had failed, we can see numerous rehearsals for apocalypses and salvation in human history. Many new religions, anarchis and utopianism are all anticipating a way out of this unanswered confusion under rapid modernization overpopulation, an intertwined global economic and political structure, ecological crisis, and global heating, with an aim at a solution to reconstruct the disrupted reality After the course of modernization starts to accelerate, some people drop out of the track in an attemp to venture another escape route in a chaotic world by returning to the primitive, spiritual, pure state on mind, while hoping to be catapulted into the next human era via this escape route. For adherents of apocalyptic prophecies, the escape is apparent and coexistent with real-life experiences. On the other
hand, such ideas related to escape don't just cease to exist when it comes to the life of the genera public. They become fragments constituting an integral part of our contemporary culture, entering the consumerist market system and deploying their troops in different forms in our daily lives. By reconstructing the incidents, the absolute territory of personal belief is probed. It is the most
primitive, the purest, the most universal spiritual field for humankind that is nearly impossible for on to convey to the external world.