LIU YU

If Narratives Become the Great Flood


The Great Flood is regarded as a common myth in numerous cultures in the world. There are records of floods found in 254 ethnic groups and 84 languages. Regarding the eternal statement of human death and rebirth, the Great Flood is always believed as the most representative myth among all these catastrophes. As rivers converge into the sea, these detailed and continuous narratives of myth have been accumulated by day and night over years. Despite the dissemination through oral and written languages that vary and transform throughout generations, they all carry a similar and complete structure of narrative This project tries to explore and capture certain common characteristics of narration among “myth”, “consciousness” and “contemporary image” , merging into a dreamlike script with fluidity of consciousness, through a fragmental, repetitive, and deconstructing structure of narratives. The
contemporary images are applied as the metaphor of various forms and symbols of ancient myths, in an attempt to reconstruct the way how we perceive the world in the modern era. In this sense, “If Narratives Become the Great Flood” does not intend to explore further about the authenticity and meaning of the myth of flood. The genre of narrative of “The Great Flood” is considered as the tree-like species classification of taxonomy in the modern era. The dissemination of how the myth creates all of the creation in the world is as how the flow of river from the mainstream into different branches of regions.